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Deep analytical consumer research combined with cutting edge creative and an uncanny sense for spotting future trends creates the perfect collaboration of beauty and brains.
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A celebrity as the face of your brand creates a persona. Get it right and you enhance your brand's image. Get it wrong, and ...well, it can get messy.


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Your brand is what everyone else says it is when you're not in the room. Want to eavesdrop on the chatter and even redirect the conversation?


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What does the public think of you? Are you sure? How much are you really worth and how can you increase your value? Don't know how? We do.


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Brand Visionaries, LLC is a full-service brand consultancy in Rhode Island and New York, specializing in brand portfolio management, brand analysis, brand valuation, brand strategy, and corporate design. We create brand names, visual and verbal identities, and communication strategies - online and offline -- for corporate brands, individual brands, and celebrities.